Branding the intelligence at the heart of a healthcare giant

How do you articulate and elevate the all-important role of data and analytics in a massive healthcare portfolio?

By creating an uber ingredient brand that effectively embodies power and connectivity.


  • Primary research
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Sub-brand visual identity creation
  • Brand guidelines
  • Messaging
  • Creative strategy
  • Creative campaign development


Optum, an $182B healthcare company, has a unique data and analytics capability that spans a wide-ranging healthcare system. The ultimate goal was generating excitement for the role of data and analytics in healthcare transformation and establishing Optum as a thought leader.


Through in-depth research, workshops, and strategy work, Northbound developed a “super brand” infused in all of Optum’s products and services—one that gets smarter with every interaction and “lights up” everything it touches. We named it OptumIQ. This branded ingredient represents Optum’s unique combination of data, analytics, and healthcare expertise, powering healthcare intelligence for a modern world.

Once we finalized the brand strategy, we created an identity that evokes how data and analytics light up intelligence across the healthcare system. The creative work encompassed logo development, messaging, brand guidelines, and a digitally-based creative campaign.


The result was enthusiastic adoption of the new branding at all levels of the organization, positive press, and acclaim from customers and the industry at large.

Thank you for challenging our thinking on the OptumIQ design. The rationale for a distinct mark is incredibly strong and was extremely well-received.

Once we’d branded, positioned, and named OptumIQ, we developed a detailed messaging framework to expound on all its solutions and advantages and to ensure the story is told consistently to any audiences in any channel.

The logo needed to work within the restrained Optum brand guidelines while also being unique and distinct. We audited the existing brand ecosystem and matched the typeface and color palette to give a clear connection between the two brands.

To spark excitement and help seat Optum’s leadership, we developed a brand campaign primarily for paid digital and owned assets. The use of polygon line graphics visually depict how OptumIQ makes a multitude of connections across the entire brand and healthcare ecosystem.

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