Building brands on purpose

Our services are rooted in Brand Integrity

Connecting brand purpose to the employee and customer experiences across every touchpoint makes an organization more efficient and creates a multiplier effect for the business. Purpose becomes the fuel that generates and sustains brand love.

Practice areas:

Brand purpose
& strategy

Brand identity
& naming

Brand activation
& experience

Brand purpose & strategy

Customer research
From ethnographic and qualitative insights to quantitative survey and measurement

Brand foundations
Brand Compass creation, including brand purpose, brand positioning, brand narrative and Big Idea generation, and brand and product value propositions

Portfolio strategy and naming
Brand architecture, growth and transition strategy, naming systems, nomenclature, taxonomy, and naming strategy

Audience development
Personas, target market analysis, brand and volume target analysis, and employee segmentation

Brand identity & naming

Visual and verbal identity
Logo and design systems, brand design, brand guidelines and toolkits, and brand voice creation

Messaging strategy, copy-ready messages, communications planning, and thought leadership

Creative naming, product and feature naming, naming governance and guidelines

Brand activation & experience

Employer brand
Brand training and enablement, employee value proposition, employee activation labs, employee brand creative platform development, employee brand communications platform creation, internal communications architecture

Brand campaigns and communications
Creative platforms, brand campaign concepting and proof of concepts, and communications strategies

Digital and motion graphic expressions
UX and web design, brand anthem videos, launch videos, and motion graphic design

Brand Integrity mapping

We believe an organization is most effective and drives the highest business value long-term when its purpose and its actions are aligned. Simply put, when what you say matches what you do – that’s brand integrity.

We’ll help you identify your best areas of opportunity, as well as blind spots. And we'll help turn your intentions into truths throughout your organization.

When you have brand integrity, you can achieve:

  • Executive alignment
  • Employee engagement
  • Clarity
  • Brand distinction and competitive differentiation
  • Customer resonance
  • Cultural relevance
  • Growth
  • Brand reputation and equity
  • Brand that’s a multiplier of business value


We use workshops to generate alignment and drive quick-turn results.

Minimum viable brand workshop
Get to a minimum viable brand strategy or brand design expression

Audience workshop
Identify the shared values and prioritize the highest order needs of your audiences

Get to the best naming solution, quickly

Vision and values workshop
Chart a path to success by aligning on visions and values

Portfolio optimizer workshop
Identify the optimization organizing principles, business requirements, and creative implications for your portfolio strategy

Day of Possibility
Explore the key elements of brand strategy with your team—vision, audience, distinction and differentiation, cultural and customer relevance, and brand personality

Our methodologies work across industries

Our visual identity and user experience frameworks proved beneficial in aligning the engineering organization and generating excitement among customers, employees, and investors, fostering a multi-stakeholder framework for our brand.
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