Dawn House

Creating a health-tech brand focused on living vibrantly

How do you stand out and resonate in a sector where wellness, aging, and technology collide?

By digging deep into the perspectives, aspirations, and needs of the target audience to create a brand that inspires a new way of living life to the fullest.


  • Primary research
  • Foundational brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Messaging & tagline
  • Creative identity
  • Brand expression
  • Website development guidance
  • Brand guidelines


Ergomotion was poised to make a real difference in the lives of millions of people. As the world’s largest producer of adjustable beds, they were introducing a revolutionary product that combines healthcare metrics with new aging and wellness features and with ergonomics. They needed to reach the aging population and their children in a way that speaks to what seniors truly care about and shows benefits beyond what a bed is traditionally known for.


Most brands in this space focus on sleep and safety. If they reach out to seniors, it’s through a lens of nostalgia, medicine, or protection. But our research showed that many older adults feel positively about aging. They aren’t dwelling on the past but looking ahead. So our brand strategy centered on connecting with their passion for living life to the fullest, being independent for as long as possible, and celebrating the here and now.

We named the brand Dawn House, a name that evokes vibrancy and optimism. Our inspirational tagline of “Rise. Shine. Thrive.” inspired the messaging and visual identity, including an emotive logo, the use of active lifestyle photography, and a color palette that conveys a mood of soothing sleep and the warmth of a waking day.


Dawn House is an honoree of the prestigious CES 2023 Innovation Awards in the Digital Health category and has received glowing reviews from customers. They’ve also been showcased in House Beautiful, Sleep Doctor, Furniture World, Medium, and other prominent publications, demonstrating how our work created effective differentiation across all the categories they play in. The brand was a Gold and Bronze award winner at the 2023 Transform awards for best visual identity in the lifestyle and well-being sector and best strategic or creative development of a new brand.

Northbound did an amazing job of helping us define our markets and developing a brand that creates excitement but stays on point. As we launch, the guidance from Northbound is our anchor for future work.

Filtering insights from our research led us to a distinctive and positive positioning foundation: Aging well means living vibrantly.

Other brands in this space focus on going to sleep.

Only Dawn House is about how you feel when you wake up.

Grounded in the hopeful colors of a sunrise, the Dawn House identity stands out from competitive and comparative categories while also nodding to the product’s existence in the sleep space.

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