Whitepaper: Messaging That Works

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Messaging and benefits are not interchangeable concepts. At Northbound, we often see brands making the mistake of using benefits as the primary focus of messaging strategies. In our Messaging That Works Whitepaper, we explain three strategies to help you develop more effective messaging.

We also discuss the best practices delivering a single-minded, clear overarching message to customers and how using our "One Orange test" ensures your messaging lands with your audiences.

We explain the difference between benefits, attributes, and purpose, and how to think about them relative to your messaging pillars and how to balance each of these elements.

We also delineate between behavior-based objectives and perception-based objectives and how understanding current customer perceptions and aligning messaging objectives with overarching business goals is crucial.

If you aren’t sure how to determine what your messaging pillars should be, and how they link to your goals, this whitepaper is for you.

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