Transforming retirement In new regions with Aegis Living

In assisted living and retirement communities, one message rules them all: we provide evidence-based medical care. Aegis Living followed the same pattern, ensuring families, communities, current and future residents knew this is a place where you have access to necessary care and support. Proper medical care is table stakes in this industry, so what makes being a resident of Aegis Living special?

Understanding What it Means to be Aegis

Aegis Living needed to build on top of a successful business and showcase how it delivers on the mission to better serve the new communities and territories it was growing – beyond health care. Working with the care and facility teams across geographies, analyzing what competitive and comparative brands are doing in the space and performing customer research, we wanted to understand what it means to be Aegis. 

Through our deep dive and competitive analysis, we uncovered Aegis’ prime differentiators: culture, quality and price point. Our discovery was that Aegis was more of a hospitality brand and family-focused community rather than a healthcare provider. This unique “Ritz meets Disney” approach to assisted-living facilities was key. 

Not Just Another Assisted-Living Company

Aegis is more than a senior and assisted-living company, it’s a place where people can live more life with the support and service they need. It’s a place where residents are family, not patients, and this is reflected in how Aegis creates an environment where folks feel taken care of – body and mind. From quality and experience to price point, Aegis did things differently. Not only did this become the center of the new brand compass, it helped drive the messaging framework. As they expanded and new assisted-living communities began popping up in diverse neighborhoods in the western U.S., they needed the tools and resources to deliver on this brand purpose and communicate it consistently to families, employees and future residents.  

Communicating The Difference 

With people at the center, we helped Aegis solidify the brand with a new brand compass that included purpose, positioning and personality. From the brand compass we created a messaging framework to effectively communicate how Aegis Living elevates expectations and provides an enriching lifestyle for residents. By highlighting how Aegis creates magic, embracing possibilities, we were able to create an updated brand that showcased the Aegis difference. 

Starting with a soft launch, Aegis introduced the new brand into their culture. It was not only accepted by internal teams, but understood. With employees at all levels adopting the new brand strategy – using the language and vision of the branding – they continue to embody the messages and brand compass of Aegis Living.


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