Northbound Team Q&A: Get To Know Denise, Senior Strategist

During this Northbound team Q&A, we interviewed Senior Strategist, Denise Aguilar to get to know the practitioners behind the work and what makes working at Northbound unique. 

How did you arrive in the world of brand strategy? 

For it all started with falling in love with Magazines. The look and feel, the design, and most importantly the power they had over society’s psyche. In terms of what is in, what is out, and thought leadership pieces within the glossy pages of magazines such as, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, and Vogue. Within that industry, I learned that Public Relations actually controls the message. So, from then on, my goal was to get a foot in the door of strategy and create impact in that space.

What is your role at Northbound? 

Currently, at Northbound, I am a Senior Strategist. Typically, I work on projects around naming for the tech industry and creating lead generation digital marketing strategies.

What does “brand” mean to you?

To me, a Brand is creating clarity around the perception of a product, place, person, and/or promise.

What drew you to Northbound? 

The people! Everyone is so intelligent, driven, and kind. This agency is an innovation incubator!

What is unique about work at Northbound? 

The Brand Compass proprietary methodology is the defining anchor that separates Northbound from the plethora of agencies in the Pacific Northwest.  

How would you describe Northbound’s approach to brand?

What I admire about our approach is that we take the time to intimately understand our clients’ business objectives, core values, and customer goals. By applying a multi-dimensional approach, we are able to equip our clients’ positioning for an ever-changing marketplace. Long gone are the days that a brand can survive being static, dare I say, even stiff. Our end goal is to establish a resonant and lasting brand. Here at Northbound, we are blessed to be able to collaborate with multidisciplinary talent that are adept to expanding our clients’ vision. 

What is something people would be surprised to find out about you? 

Based on the work that I am doing today, most people are surprised that I began my career in Fashion. Back when I was living in NJ, I edited and styled RTW Fashion and Accessories for publications such as Harper's Bazaar, W Magazine, and Vogue. Looking back, it was a high-intensity time in my life but has completely shaped my work ethic till this day. 

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